The Vetting Process

The Vetting Process

We take pride in our rigorous vetting procedure, beginning from first application, in-person meeting, references and landlord approval. In this blog, we delve into the step-by-step process that guarantees the best match between tenants and properties.

1. Initial Application Screening: Setting the Foundation

The process kicks off the moment a potential tenant expresses interest in one of our properties. We ask our standardised questions to applicants who apply via online advertisements. Dependent on the property, we can then qualify/disqualify as needed. This initial step helps us weed out applicants who might not meet the property's requirements, saving both parties valuable time.

2. Personalised Property Viewings: A Hands-On Approach

For applicants that meet our preliminary criteria, we move to the next step by inviting them for a viewing. During property viewings, our agents play a pivotal role in further screening potential tenants. Through observation and experience, we assess applicants' demeanour, interactions, and overall suitability. This dual-layered screening ensures that only candidates who align with the property's environment and guidelines move forward in the process.

3. Formal Application Submission: Taking the Next Step

For the applicants who are suitable and wish to proceed, we provide them with a carefully constructed application form. This form collects a broad range of information, including work references, landlord references, and additional details that provide a clear picture of the applicant(s) background.

4. Landlord Review and Selection: A Collaborative Decision

Once the completed application forms are received, our team reviews the information before forwarding a detailed biography. We present 1 to 3 suitable applicants who have met our criteria. This collaborative approach ensures that landlords have access to a curated list of potential tenants who have already undergone a thorough screening.

5. Verification and Final Steps: Confirming Tenancy Suitability

Upon the landlord's selection, we initiate the final phase of the vetting process. We request documents to verify work references, landlord references, salary, and other information pertaining to the application. This step is crucial in confirming the authenticity of the provided details, ensuring that the tenant is financially capable and has a positive rental history.

6. Lease Finalisation: A Smooth Transition

Once all verifications are successfully completed, and the tenant's suitability is confirmed, we proceed with the lease agreement. We guide both parties through the legal documentation, ensuring that all terms and conditions are thoroughly understood and agreed upon.

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